Tuesday October 19th, 2021

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Founders & Contributors

Preeti Das / Public Relationship Manager

Preeti Das is the public relationship manager who is working on company's public image and overall relationship. She is collaborating with people in advertising, marketing, and human resources on numerous tasks.

Vakil Khan / Budding Talents & Artists Management Head

Vakil Khan is charismatic, influential, and a driving force behind www.bookyourartists.com. He is heading Budding Talents & Artists Management. His experience in the media entertainment industry is immense. Currently, he is the CEO at Remo D'souza Entertainment, director at God Bless Entertainment and Force 5 Entertainment. He started his career in media and entertainment with Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Kalol Das / Marketing, Corporate Business & Brand Activation Head

Kalol Das is one of the most important pillar of the www.bookyourartists.com. He has been actively involved with media from the beginning of his career. Kalol Das is heading sales and Marketing Team, Corporate Business and Brand Activation. He started his career in media and entertainment with Universal Dance Inc. and  worked with reputed Bollywood Choreographers like Remo D'souza , Bosco Caesar etc.

Tapas Mitra / Technical Infrastructure & Digital Marketing Head

Tapas Mitra is the technical infrastructure head expanding the organization’s scope of business in India and across the globe using latest tools & technologies. He and his young dynamic team managing the digital assets of www.bookyourartists.com and hence promoting the concept of online artists booking throughout the globe to bring all the artists and their fan followers under one umbrella.